TikTok is testing several new features – get the complete scoop here

Short-form video app TikTok is currently testing several new features for its platform. According to the screenshots shared by the reverse-engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong, the new features seem inspired by Facebook-owned Instagram.

One of the most notable features is the updated “Search” tab on TikTok. When upgraded, the new Search and Discover layout will give users enhanced filtering tools to find their preferred user, music video, and hashtag.

Another interesting change expected in the current layout of TikTok is the implementation of grid style feed. Another replica of Instagram’s style, the grid layout will put more videos on the screen for users while accessing and removing the videos will be more convenient.

Statistical updates are also in the works for TikTok. And surprisingly, it is the same one that Instagram is ‘testing’ to stop using. Yes, the like counters. While Instagram is putting an end to displaying the number of likes an influencer get on their media content, TikTok is testing how it will work on their videos and hashtags.

Wong also noted that "Liked by creator" label is also in testing phase.

The creators behind TikTok are also working on ways to integrate Facebook and Google accounts with their platform.

TikTok is one of the most talked-about apps of 2019 for providing young internet users a platform to display their music and dance skills through short-form videos. In fact, it is the fourth most downloaded app in the world – as of last quarter and surpassed Instagram as well.

This makes us wonder why TikTok is set to replicate the features of Instagram while it is doing so well with its own unique identity (and features).

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Featured photo: Joel Saget / AFP/Getty Images
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