Say No to Clumsy Broadcasts! This New Feature Helps You Edit/Trim Facebook Live Videos

There was a huge positive feedback from all over the world when Facebook introduced the Live feature. This enabled people to do live streams easily to interact with their followers without having any sort of technical knowledge.

People started loving the new Facebook live feature because it enabled them to have direct interaction with their followers in real time which means more people will engage through live streams.

The drawback of Facebook Live

Sometimes without the intent, people start the live stream in a very informal and wrong way although they change the look and surrounding within the time but it limits the people to either upload complete live stream video with the bogus start or to not upload it at all. This was one of the biggest Drawback of Facebook live that people were unable to crop any undesired part of the beginning or ending.

Finally! The wait is over

According to Mari Smith, a digital marketing expert, the feature that users have been waiting for so long, is finally here. Marketers and social media managers don’t have to worry about any boring start of their videos because now they can easily edit their videos according to their requirements. This means that no more clumsy live videos on their timelines, people can upload live videos according to their taste on their timelines. This new feature works for any video that you did as a LIVE.

How to trim a Facebook Live

Facebook is trying its best to bring new features for its users in a way that makes it easy to use for all type of audience. The newly launched live video edit feature is very easy to use.

Follow these steps to trim the videos:
  • Select your desired Facebook live video, on a desktop device
  • Press on the 3 wee dots menu and later on select Edit Video
  • Press on Video Trimming button after scrolling at the bottom of the right pane.
  • Enter the start time of the video for the cropped start or else there is a yellow-colored bar that you can drag accordingly. The content inside the yellow bar is what will be saved and other content will be removed.
  • After selecting the desired part of the video play it to make sure that accurate content is saved
  • Press the Save button and your work is done!
It takes some minutes for a video to save successfully and Facebook will send a notification once the video is successfully trimmed.

Take a look at this video for demo:

It doesn’t matter anymore how your live video starts because it will be trimmed easily with this new feature.

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  1. It seems this only works on business pages, not personal timeline live videos.

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