Pinterest Launches Mobile Ad Tools to Gives Brands the Ability to Manage Ad Campaigns on Mobile Devices

Pinterest has introduced new mobile ad tools that will allow brands to create and manage their ad campaigns on the content discover platform more easily, using mobile phones.

U.S based business accounts now have access to new tools whereas, these will soon be rolled out to other parts of the world as well. The new tools will be accessible only via the Pinterest applications either on iOS or Android but not from the mobile web.

While explaining the new tools, Pinterest team explained that brands when using the mobile ad tools will first have to select a Pin that is already in their business account. Then they can either choose automatic targeting or can customize it.

Then, the time period and the budget of the campaign will be selected, billing information will be provided and then the ad will be published from a mobile phone directly.

The new tools give options like setting target audience, budget, allowing to pause ads, edit the URL destinations and also let change the name of the campaign.
"Over the past year, we’ve added a variety of features to help both small to medium-sized businesses and large advertisers with complex teams to more easily manage ads and collaborate on the platform. These features include multi-user access to ad accounts, campaign duplication, custom reporting and insights into their audience and their organic performance.", said Pinterest team in a blog post.
Relevant metrics will also be shown including the ad spend, the duration of the campaign left, impressions, number of clicks received, click through rates and how many times the ad has been saved.

Brands with whom the company is testing its new mobile ad tools are Fount, The Growing Candle, simplyFUEL, Little Blue Olive, NomadicMatt, Prana, Afloral and Kaitlynn Albani, a school teacher.

Pinterest too has realized the importance of providing new features that will be of great benefit to its users. However, it is yet to see how brands on whole will perceive it.

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