Twitter is Testing "Drag to Re-Order" Feature for Photos attached with a Tweet!

Twitter has been rolling out useful features and polishing the existing ones in hopes of improving user experience. The competition is at an all-time high between different Social Networking services and to remain relevant, each platform should listen to its consumers’ demands and keep on innovating.

Looks like Twitter has done just that. According to renowned Social Media code hacker Jane Manchun Wong, the micro-blogging network will allow users to drag the photos in a tweet to re-order them. Wong also shared a video featuring the demonstration of the above mentioned feature.

Tweeters are quite excited to hear about the new addition and are claiming that it was much needed.

Such a feature comes in handy when there are multiple photos attached with a single tweet. In order to ensure that all the photos are sorted according to the context of the Tweet, rather than Twitter randomly doing it for the users, the “drag to re-order” feature is in testing phase and may not be rolled out to all.

Users should be able to utilize the feature any time in the coming weeks or months. It may be rolled out gradually rather than at once so it is better to ensure that the Twitter app is updated.

For what it is worth, the reception to the news has been positive but Twitter users are still demanding the “edit tweet” option to be rolled out. It will be interesting to see if Twitter continues to pro-actively act on its users’ demands in the coming months.

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Featured photo: Getty Images
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