Hacking and Phishing Videos Banned on YouTube – Calls out for a Challenge for Computer Security Learners

Recently, YouTube has showed some concerns regarding the “instructional hacking” videos calling them to be a potential source of cyber crimes. Kody Kinzie, the co-founder of Hacker Interchange also reported a ban on the Cyber Weapons Lab series on YouTube that is basically a guide for computer science and security students.

Kody Kinzie has further stated that they are unable to upload new videos and the existing content is also facing a strike by YouTube.

YouTube owners are of the view that “instructional hacking and phishing” can turn into a potential source to commit cyber crimes. The videos can be misinterpreted by the people and can be used for bypassing computer systems and stealing personal data and user credentials.

Even though YouTube has positive intentions but Kinzie and others on Twitter have raised the concern for people studying computer security. Usually, the learners are interested in learning new phishing and hacking tricks, which is the reason why the removal of these videos can cause real damage to their learning.

Hacking and phishing tricks are although unethical but they are not always used for illegal purposes. The tricks are even used by some legitimate researchers for computer system testers.

YouTube has answered back to the criticism by stating that the rule is not new and has been in the books since a long time. YouTube is adamant to accept that it is any new policy and has also mentioned to make their rules clearer in a spring update.

YouTube is taking down phishing and hacking videos since April 5th and is continuously engaged in doing so.

Despite the removal of these videos, YouTube allow the videos whose primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic (ESDA).

The video content of Hacker Interchange is rather academic in style and gives a clear picture that the videos are not posted for wrong intention. Even though the videos are informational but they still present an ambiguous tone, which let YouTube to block the content provided by them.

Recently, a spokesperson from YouTube has stated to The Verge that they mistakenly removed the video content by Cyber Weapon’s Lab. They have confirmed that the videos are reinstated and it was a wrong call by the YouTube.

They also mentioned that they have a appeals process in place for the users and when we analyze that the video content has been removed mistakenly then we reinstate it as soon as possible.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov / Getty Images

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