YouTube mistakenly deleted educational channels featuring old Nazi clips while shutting down extremist videos

While cracking down videos that promote hate speech and extremism, YouTube accidentally deleted some of the channels containing clips of Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

According to a report by The Guardian, a few history teachers, who had old documentaries clips of Hitler speeches in their videos, have seen their channels blocked.

As YouTube says, videos that promote violence or hate speech towards people of a protected group.

The teachers say that the old documentaries clips of Hitler speeches are used for informative ideas and presented in classrooms.

Scott Allsop, a Romanian teacher, said that YouTube should act to undo the disturbance created by its unsystematic implementation.

The moves taken towards these informative channels come after YouTube's declaration last week.

The company was further cracking down on videos claiming that a particular class or group is higher in order to support discrimination.

The company said the new policy involved a ban on videos promoting or praising Nazi teachings.

YouTube inadvertently shutting down educational channels was a subject of debate in the past.

Last week, another incident took place as a famous creator passed racist comments at a Vox journalist, and YouTube failed to resolve this issue quickly.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, said that the video platform isn't exactly where they want it to be in its attempts.

The teachers noted that they had their channels and videos recovered following an appeal.

A spokesperson said that the company could make exceptions in its policies regarding extremist or hateful videos if it includes enough informative and educational context and YouTube will also respond quickly to restore videos that they removed mistakenly.

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