Analysis of 1.4 million posts reveals Instagram’s engagement to be dwindling since May

Despite the popular claims, a new study reveals that the overall engagement across Instagram is facing a sharp decline since early May 2019.

The report was compiled by Trust Insights, a marketing data and consulting firm that analyzed over 1.4 million Instagram posts by a set of 3600+ brand accounts, published between January and mid-June.

The study defined the engagement rate as the total number of interactions on a post divided by the account’s following at the time of posting.

Here are some of the key findings from the report.

Instagram engagement rate is not so impressive

According to the report, the average engagement rate as of mid-April was 1.54%. However, the rate has now dropped to around 0.9%. Moreover, the average number of interactions has also dropped to 18% since the start of 2019.

The study also points out that brands and individuals influencers are both suffering significantly from these declines.

Average Instagram Engagement Rates for around 3637 brand accounts

In fact, engagement on the accounts of fashion influencers dropped from 4.3% to 2.4% between the time frame of February to June. This indicates a 44% decline in engagement – signifying that the influencers may be suffering more than the brands.

Apparently, the study does not offer any indication of what may be causing such a sharp decline in the engagement rates, as the social media company has performed no changes to their API.

Nevertheless, if you are using Instagram as a part of your marketing strategy and noticing a decline in engagement rates – don’t worry as you are not alone and the majority of accounts are facing the same issue.

Check out the full study here to find out more about Instagram’s latest trends.

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