YouTube is using its magic wand to turn your favorite tracks of music to automatically downloaded songs. Sounds pretty cool!

The bounties of the smart world!

YouTube music app is spreading happiness among music lovers. It is using its revolutionary feature of downloading your favorite music numbers automatically.

Hassle-free downloading was never been that easy. Let's find out what it takes to download and identify our favorite music with zero effort.

It is no magic rather it is a new SMART DOWNLOAD feature of YouTube music app that enables the download of the tracks on which you have hit the “like" button once.

The possible count of downloadable songs is 500. There is a little hitch in this fantastic scenario. This feature is only viable to YouTube music premium subscribers with Android devices.

Once you activate it smart download will sort and download your desired music tracks and make it omnipresent for you.

It just demands a Wi-Fi connection for the download and completes its task overnight. You have full control of composing your playlist by selecting favorite tracks in the settings menu.

If you are aware of the OFFLINE MIXTAPE option then you will be familiar with this too. It will shuffle the tracks in the list and you will have a blend of music that suits your acoustic mode.

Now you can have fun anywhere anytime with your music without the support of the internet.

Featured Photo: Guillaume Payen/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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