The Trending Cryptocurrency also increases the risk of Bitcoin Scammers

Deep down we all have desires to earn more money in less time. In this digital world, bitcoin is Electronic cash. It is a digital form of currency without any need for a central bank or a single operator. It can easily be sent from peer-to-peer without any intermediate.

With the world of technology updating every second, the scammers also come up with different and unique ideas to attract and scam more people. YouTube is a platform where creators earn money through the views but along with that, there are also some crooks and scammers on YouTube who try different techniques to illegally access personal information of users without their knowledge.

The scammers try their best to leverage trending affairs and then try to scam the people by giving false hopes. Just like this, nowadays we hear about the bitcoin YouTube scammers.

How do the Bitcoin YouTube scams operate?

Internet users pretty much search for all kind of queries on YouTube which means that people also try a different type of videos to earn some bitcoins quickly. So, these scams used this curiosity as their key tool to attract people. The crooks use titles like “FREEBITCOIN” in their videos which make it easy to attract "not so savvy" users.

New Bitcoin Scam Trying To Fool YouTubers

njRAT Software

The YouTube scams, first spotted by Frost and reported by BC, pretend to help people earn free Bitcoins but instead they promote njRAT named software that is a password stealer. As the value of Bitcoin increased to $10,000, we should expect a rise in these scams as well.

They include a short links in the description of their videos such as that sends the viewers to a new page which offers “Free bitcoins update script” that you need to download and run in order to get free Bitcoins.

When you launch the file the windows.exe format will connect to the control server and will send a variety of your personal information to the attacker. After this, it will wait for the commands by the attacker.

Files to never download

Just a reminder, never download files with format VBS, JS, or BAT from any file sharing site. There is a high chance of virus detection in those files.

Info virus can access

If you are infected by this virus most probably your passwords have been compromised already. After cleaning your computer from the virus, you should change/update all your information from all social media and internet services.

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