Facebook Shows Concern On Breaking Up from Instagram and WhatsApp

Since the Facebook privacy and data breach scandal, things have only gone downhill for the company and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As things have become difficult for the company, now authorities are thinking of breaking Instagram and WhatsApp from Facebook, that was acquired by the company before. Both Instagram and WhatsApp has gone through rapid development and innovation after the company acquired both companies. All in one, this dynamic trio seems unbreakable and this is exactly what is becoming a serious concern for most of the authorities and lawmakers.

On Tuesday at House Judiciary Committee hearing on online platforms, representatives from four major tech joints including Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook came together to decide on the fate of their futures. The social media networking company has acquired smaller companies like messaging app WhatsApp and photo and video sharing platform Instagram, these companies have thrived under the flag of Facebook. The main concern for most lawmakers is that since the three of the most used social media and the messaging platform has come under the same umbrella, the data breach and exchange of information between these websites are becoming one of the major problems. Although, it is easier to share information by connecting these apps together, however, on the other hand, using all three apps under the same verification phone number can lead to a serious data breach.

Before the hearing, the representative of Facebook said that breaking up Facebook from Instagram and WhatsApp will bring a serious concern to the business. The reason behind this is that all three companies have only thrived with the support of each other. With the help of the connection that all three apps share, the user experience has made better and this has only encouraged more people to join. By breaking these companies apart, authorities will be responsible for affecting the business which obviously raises a lot of questions.
"Facebook is constantly working to find new ways to help people connect, communicate and share. Like many successful American companies before us, we have grown by taking risks, learning from our mistakes and constantly striving to improve.", explained Matt Perault Director of Public Policy, Facebook.
To address this, concern most of the lawmakers said that this deal of acquisition should never have been approved by the government in the first place. This has only made things difficult for the lawmakers, authorities and government. Now, Facebook holds a monopoly by acquiring major social media networking hubs and this is the reason, addressing the issue has been very difficult.

Facebook Shows Concern On Breaking Up from Instagram and WhatsApp
Photo: Joel Saget / AFP / Getty Images

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