Facebook’s Workplace Feature is About to Get More Expensive

About three years ago, Facebook introduced Workplace which was a suite of features that was intended to make communication among teammates within a corporate environment a bit easier. The way that this specialized set of communication services worked used to be quite simple. There was a basic version which did not cost any money to use and earned Facebook revenue through advertising much like the rest of the website which has always been free to use and, according to Facebook, will always be free to use. If a particular company wanted a few more features they could upgrade to the paid version of Workplace which used to cost 3$ per user per month.

Facebook is about to make some changes to Workplace which are going to raise prices across the board. These pricing changes are also part of an overall rebranding that Facebook is doing within Workplace in an attempt to generate more revenue from it. The basic version of Workplace is being renamed Workplace Essential and it will remain free to use. The premium tier that used to cost 3$ per user per month will now cost 4$ and is being renamed Workplace Advanced.

Facebook will also be introducing a third tier that is meant for the largest operating organizations using this platform. This third tier will be called Workplace Enterprise and will cost 8$ per person per month. Facebook is also introducing a new add-on feature that will only be available to Advanced and Enterprise users and is meant for lower level workers. The add-ons will cost $1.50 per user per month for Advanced and Enterprise tiers and will not be available for Workplace Essentials users.

Photo: Workplace by Facebook

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