Mark Zuckerberg is No More its Employees’ Most Favorite CEO, Revealed a Recently Collected Data

Mark Zuckerberg was once much popular among its employees but things have changed over time. According to recent results of Glassdoor’s annual ranking of top CEOs for the Employees’ Choice Award, Zuckerberg has come down 39 spots at once.

From no. 16, he directly fell to no. 55, and for the first time since the beginning of these awards in 2013, he has not been the part of top 20 CEOs. Last year, his employee approval rating was 96% and this year its 94%.

Back in 2013, he topped the list of employees’ choice ranking. The reason behind the increase in disliking could be due to the mess created after several crises faced by the social networking platform. Some of Facebook’s former recruiters said that after the scandal of affecting the political results came out in 2018, the tech giant had a hard time hiring new talent in the company.
"Strong leadership. A dedication to the company mission. Belief in building company culture. Transparent and approachable. These are the common themes of exceptional leaders and a few of the attributes that inspire employees to rate their CEOs highly.", explained Glassdoor Team in a blog post.
The stock price of Facebook is also almost the same as it was in January 2018. This could be the reason as well because of the decrease in the ranking, as stock to compensate employees has not raised.

CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai ranked at 46th place overall after receiving 94% CEO approval rating. Whereas, Tim Cook of Apple managed 69th spot, with a 92% approval ranking.

Similarity, Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO (with 98% Approval rate) ranked on 6th spot, in Glassdoor’s Top CEO 2019 list.

Top CEOs 2019 in Tech
Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters

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