Facebook is Reportedly Working on Fundraising Tools in Groups!

With over 2.38 billion users and counting, there is no doubt that a certain percentage of this whopping Facebook user count wants to see the world change for the better and play an active part in it. However, not being aware of how to contribute often sets them back.

This is where Facebook should step in and provide the necessary means to its users so they could make the positive change. Looks like the Social Media Giant has finally listened to all of us.

Social Media consultant Matt Navarra recently tweeted about Facebook working on fundraising tools in groups.

Admins will have the option to decide whether the fundraisers can only be created by them or all members of the group.

As for how to donate, Admins can add a donate button to the posts which will appear alongside the status bar of the amount donated out of the set goal. Else, the donate button would also be available in a new fundraising tab.

Navarra also shared the screenshots detailing how the fundraising feature would work using the above mentioned options.

As of now, there is no word regarding the expected release date of these tools. It isn’t even known if Facebook has plans for rolling it out in the near future and it could just be testing things out for now with no immediate plans.

Regardless, a well-defined and easy-to-use fundraising feature is definitely what Facebook should work on, as the tech giant is already working on several similar options. The screenshots are an indication that working on the tools has been going pretty well. Stay tuned for any further updates in this story.

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