Facebook still on top among all other social networks, 3.5 billion people actively use social media platforms every month, globally

We have seen internet evolve over the past years, from using a card to get the internet connection to using a Wifi or 5G devices we’ve been through all of that. If you notice that over the past few years technology changed a lot and along with that new communication mediums were introduced to engage more audience from all over the world. Facebook took the internet by storm and it is among the most popular social media app.

Report on social media users

A new report from HootSuite and We Are Social highlights all the latest data regarding internet usage in July 2019. Around two years ago 2.7 billion people were reported to be users of social media platforms and now it just crossed 3.5 billion mark. Global social media active users have grown by nearly 0.8 billion over the past 28 months, with 46% of the world’s population using social networks in July 2019. While, the social media usage number increases to 59% and with the latest trends, it is expected to pass 60% within the next few months.

 3.5 billion people actively use social media platforms every month, globally

The craze for online videos

The recent data collected from GlobalWebIndex outlines that majority of internet users (93 percent to be exact) now prefer to watch online videos. Vlogs are also popular in youngsters, with Gen Z is 57% more likely to follow Vloggers and content creators on social media.

93 percent internet users now prefer to watch online videos

Audience Analysis of Snapchat

An estimate shows that Snapchat's advertising audience numbers may have increased to 19 percent in the past 3 months, reaching more than 300 million users by July 2019.

Snapchat Audience Analysis

Latest data from App Annie shows a huge increase in downloads of the Snapchat app over the past three months due to its renewed success to launched new filters and new updates to the Android app.

Facebook still rules all social apps

Although Snapchat had huge growth over the past months but platforms like Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter can’t be claimed as loved by all age groups. Surprisingly, this title of honor still belongs to Facebook that boasts the largest number of users aged 13 to 17. Facebook is the most favorite social network for teens. Its users are almost the same as the combined users of Snapchat and Instagram. From April since now, the young audience increased by almost 5 million users with the age groups of 13 to 17-year-olds.

The thing is it doesn’t matter if Snapchat or Instagram grow a lot of new users in the next months, Facebook will remain one of the most popular social apps among teens because of its opportunities and easy to use interface. There are more than 3.5 Billion users of social networks and the majority of teens still support Facebook among other platforms.

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