Facebook 2019 Q1 Earnings: The Social Media Giant Boasts 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users On Its All Services

On Wednesday, Facebook reported its Q1 earnings for 2019. The results were quite impressive with the Social Media Giant garnering around 2.375 billion monthly users, a 2.5 percent increase from the last quarter.

Facebook monthly active users

In addition to that, it now boasts 1.56 billion daily active users, which is an increase of 2.63 percent from the last quarter. The generated revenue was a whopping $15.08 billion, exceeding all estimations. However, the actual earnings per share ($0.85) fell short of the estimated amount ($1.63).

Facebook daily active users

This decline can be attributed to the enormous FTC penalty that Facebook had to cover. The Social Media Giant has allocated $3 billion to the fine. Otherwise, the EPS would have been $1.63. However, the Company still managed to earn $2.429 billion in profit, which is quite lower than the profit generated in the last quarter, or even a year ago.

Facebook’s share price was impressive as well, earning $197.84. As for the fine, Facebook made a deal with FTC about taking care of privacy of users and not exploit it in any shape or form, without users’ consent, back in 2011. After the company was exposed of violating the deal following a massive data breach that impacted over 50 million users, it was heavily fined and the total amount can range from $3 billion to $5 billion dollars.

On the bright side, Facebook managed to retain its daily to monthly user ratio of 66 percent, which signifies that people are still using it as much as they used to before the whole scandal. Moreover, around 39 million daily users were added in this quarter alone. As for adding daily users, although Facebook struggled to grow in the North American market, it performed decently in Europe, Asia-Pacific and other regions of the World.

Similarly, Facebook's average revenue per user worldwide comparatively Q1 2018 is also growing.

Facebook 2019 Q1 Earnings (ARPU)

Long story short, there are now over 2.7 billion monthly users who have access to Facebook and the apps/services it owns (Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp) and more than 2.1 billion people are engaging with at least one Facebook every day.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company’s main focus now is towards the expansion of privacy, safety, encryption, interoperability and secure data storage. He believes that many people communicate privately rather than publicly, so solidifying that area could benefit Facebook and restore its credibility.

No matter how much Facebook gets criticized for not being able to keep its users’ data and privacy safe, the numbers show that it’s still winning and this is exactly why it is so successful, it has literally become an essential part of our lives.

Photo: Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters

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