7 Spyware Android Apps Invading Others’ Privacy Anonymously Were Detected On Google Play Store

Avast, an antivirus software company carried out research and found 7 stalkerware apps on Google Play Store, which were then removed by Google. These apps after installation tracked and snooped on the device secretly.

These apps could send phone’s data to anyone through email and reportedly were created by the same Russian developer.

Snoopers, using these apps could access the private information available on device, including sensitive data like location, SMS record, call history, and contact list. Also, these spying apps were capable of intercepting encrypted messages, like sent from WhatsApp or Viber after rooting the specific device.
"Avast detected and reported four of the apps on Tuesday to Google, which removed them from the Play Store. The researchers detected the fifth, sixth, and seventh apps on Wednesday, reported these to Google, and these have also been removed. The apps have been installed a combined 130,000 times, with the most-installed apps being Spy Tracker, and SMS Tracker, both with more than 50,000 installs."
Remaining 5 apps include:
  • Employee Work Spy
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Phone Cell Tracker
  • Spy Kids Tracker
  • Track Employees, Check Work Phone, Online Spy Free
Potential Snoopers are required to get direct access and install the app on the targeted device and snoop it with ease.

Avast’s head of mobile threat intelligence and security, Nikolaos Chryhsaidos stated that these apps are unethical and can be a threat to anyone’s privacy. He demanded the removal of apps from Google Play Store as these could be easily abused by stalkers, employers or anyone to invade the privacy of others.

Such stalkerware apps can be quickly detected through apklab.io (a mobile threat intelligence platform) and then through collaboration, can be removed from Google.

After installing these spyware apps, just a simple sign up with an email and passwords is required, and all the data will be sent to that email. The most dangerous thing is that the owner of the target device cannot see any sign of running app as the app cannot be detected.

In case you fear an attack, just wipe your Android devices and stay safe and alert.

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