Here Are The World's 20 Most Visited Website In July 2019, According To Alexa Ranking

Have you ever wondered which websites are the most visited in the world? Yes, the high rankers such as Google and Facebook are unanimously used around the world. However, there are many other websites that may not be popular in your social circle but are visited by millions of users around the world.

So without further ado, here is the list for world’s most visited websites, ranked by a combination of daily visitors and page views.

1. Google

The popular search engine needs no introduction and is visited by millions of global users for literally any news, article, and information under the sun.

· Total visits: 42.46 billion per month

· Average visit duration: 00:08:03

· Pages per visit/day: 10.67

2. YouTube

YouTube, the video streaming website is utilized by both – kids and adults alike for their favorite videos. In fact, an average user watches 2 hours of YouTube video per day.

· Total visits: 23.35 billion per month

· Average visit duration: 00:08:34

· Pages per visit/day: 4.95

3. Facebook

The social media network is a household name that is used for personal and leisure purpose alike. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook changed the way we communicate significantly.

· Total visits: 22.30 billion per month

· Average visit duration: 00:09:25

· Pages per visit/day: 3.96

4. Baidu

Baidu is the Chinese version for Google. Since the popular search engine is restricted in the mainland of China, the internet users make use of to fulfill their searching requirements.

· Total visits: 10.45 billion per month

· Average visit duration: 00:07:13

· Pages per visit/day: 5.71


Wikipedia works as an internet encyclopedia where users can find comprehensive information on any topic. It is also one of the best-linked website, when it comes to SEO.

· Total visits: 5.33 billion

· Average visit duration: 00:04:101

· Pages per visit/day: 3.11

Other websites included in the list are at sixth position with Yahoo, Amazon, and Twitter following close behind. Check out the chart of the most visited websites here and if in the future, anyone asks you “What is the most visited website around the world,” you will know where to look for the answers.

Chart courtesy of: DataReportal / HootSuite / WeAreSocial.

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  1. omg. Chinese Website occupied 8 out of 20 in the ranking list.

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