Disinformation is affecting people’s lives forever but who’s responsible for it?

False information can cause a lot of problems for the people of any country. People will start to lose faith in any kind of report they hear unless they experience it themselves. False news can make people do inhumane things and can lead to disastrous situations.

The "2019 Disinformation in Society Report" by Institute for Public Relations, stated that 65 percent of Americans take misinformation as the major problem in The United States and 63 percent think that misinformation is a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Difference between disinformation and misinformation

Disinformation is the type of information that is spread intentionally to mislead the people whereas misinformation is the false information that spreads without the intent to misguide people, to make people stray away from their right path people spread false information.

Although the majority of the people agree that distribution of any false information is considered an alarming problem but still the question remains the same that who to blame for the increase in the fake news.

Who’s responsible for spreading Disinformation?

According to the IPR survey, which was based on 2200 respondents, the following are the sectors that are responsible for spreading disinformation.

Fake social media account

55 percent of Americans think that fake social media account play a vital role to spread false information. People hide their actual identity and spread false information to misguide people with their forged social media accounts.


45 percent of Americans think that politicians are the people to blame for spreading disinformation in the U.S. they on purpose spread the false information to misguide the people so that they can do corruption behind and not get noticed.

President Trump

Around 40 percent of Americans think that president Trump himself spreads the false information so that he can get more attention from the people.

Russian Government

Around 34 percent of Americans think that the Russian government plays a role to spread false information in the U.S. to misguide the people so that they can take advantage of their vulnerability and attack easily.

Political Activists group

33 percent population of the U.S. thinks that political activists group spread false information in the country so that they can make the people hate their government to create chaos in the country.


32 percent population of the United States thinks that Facebook is the reason behind the false information in the U.S. People spread false information to get more likes or views or just to gain more fame on social media.

Percentage of Americans saying souces that are reposilbe for spreading disinformation

Bottom line

The disinformation can never affect as long as people confirm the story before spreading it anywhere. It’s totally up to the people to either stop disinformation or spread it without analyzing all the aspects of the story.

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