Google Bans CooTek From Play Store For Violating Ads Policies

Recently China-based developers have been in reports for creating various malware and shady apps. According to one of the latest reports, CookTek has been banned by Google Play Store as it had numerous apps with disturbing pop-up ads, making it almost impossible to use the phone.

The famous TouchPal keyboard is one of the products of CookTEk and is available on the New York Stock Exchange list. Recently, a security firm, LookOut explained in a research that adware plugin BeiTaAd is being used on hundreds of CookTek apps.

According to research, there are 238 apps by different developers, including BeiTaPlugin, on Google Play Store that makes mobile usage almost impossible. The malicious activity was reported to Google by Lookout after which it was removed from the affected apps. Together there have been 440 million installations of these apps.

Kristina Balaam, a researcher at Lookout said that the intensity of aggressive advertisements was so high that it was difficult to use affected mobile devices. As per some of the reported cases, because of these apps, it had been problematic to even attend calls or use other apps because of too many ads displayed.

CookTek’s spokesperson said they will soon be removing BeiTaAd plugin but still many apps on Google Play Store had the issue, according to Lookout. Mina Luo of CookTek then claimed that Lookout’s new findings are baseless and do not have any supporting evidence.

Google, while giving its opinion said malicious activities and unruly ads are against the policies of Play Store and action is taken against such issues when discovered.

Reports and issues regarding the apps on Google Play Store could lead raise questions about Android and its security. Though, whenever reported, Google resolves the concerns as soon as possible.

Google needs to be more proactive about such developers and their malicious practices. For now Google has removed all the apps by CookTek that were affected by bad ad practices. Still, users need to be alert about apps by CookTek or any application that is affected by such malware and virus.

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