The following social media apps are most likely to be abandoned by teens in coming years

With the passage of time, people change and along with that their interests in various things change. We use a variety of social media platforms as a getaway thing from daily life struggles. Internet users usually want to have their own space where they can be free from all sorts of judgments and that’s why they prefer different social media platforms. Sometimes with the passage, and the growth of huge users on a platform people start losing their interest. With the change in their interests, people feel bored to be on the same platforms repeating the same routine every day. And this is especially true for Generation Z, who born after 1996.

Young Adults lost their interest in Facebook

We’ve seen the era when Facebook was considered one of the most popular platforms in the world and it still is but over the past years there is a whole new world of social media apps on the internet. The preferences and interests of people change with the passage of time, they always crave for something new as a change.

A survey by Business insider regarding the use of social media platforms

Business Insider along with SurveyMonkey wanted to learn about how the Generation Z spends their time and money across the internet and in stores of food chains etc.

In a recent survey of 1,884 users between the ages of 13 and 21, almost 30% of respondents voted for Facebook to a question about which social media app they actively used but have ditched now. Some people also stated that they still check Facebook feed on a daily basis.

Teenagers nowadays most likely prefer YouTube and Snapchat over Facebook.

Detailed analysis of Survey

According to the survey by Business Insider, almost 30% of people answered that they used to spend time on Facebook but not anymore, on the other hand, 29.7% people responded with the app Kik and many others voted for no longer use of Skype, 21% people voted for Twitter or 20.3 for Instagram.

What social media platforms Generation Zers previously used but don't anymore

Although at the same time the survey also analyzed that teenagers are still checking Facebook and Instagram every once in a while.

When people were asked regarding the type of social apps they used on daily basis, 64.59% of votes were for Instagram, 62.48% people voted for YouTube and Snapchat was at the third most used app with 51.31% votes, 34.19% people voted for Facebook.

If we analyze it all together, the majority of Generation Z uses YouTube and Snapchat on a daily basis and very fewer people abandoned these apps as compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Survey results by Pew and Research Center

Last May, the Pew Research Center conducted a similar survey and according to them, only 51% of U.S. young adults of ages 13-17 use Facebook, while 85% use YouTube, 72% use Instagram and 69% use Snapchat.

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