Report: Messenger and Facebook rank the highest in worldwide app downloads for Q2 2019

Mobile data and analytics company App Annie released its Q2 2019 Market Index Ranking Report that analyzed worldwide app downloads and users spending in the second quarter of 2019.

According to the report, users downloaded over 30.3 billion apps with social media apps topping the charts for both – Android and iOS devices.

The top 10 apps downloaded worldwide on both Google Play and Apple's App Store (in descending order) are:

10. UC Browser

9. Spotify

8. SHARE it

7. Like – Magic Music Video Maker

6. Snapchat

5. Instagram

4. TikTok

3. WhatsApp

2. Facebook

1. Facebook Messenger

Although the list above remained relatively the same for the first quarter of 2019 as well, Snapchat saw a significant surge in downloads. In fact, it rose three spots on the chart and secured sixth place for Q2. Experts claim that the rise in demand for Snapchat is due to the new augmented reality filters and the upgraded Android mobile app that was introduced by the company this year.

When it comes to customer’s spending, Tinder, Netflix, and Tencent Video were the top three contenders worldwide for iOS and Android combined in Q2. YouTube jumped to the fifth position as more consumers are turning to the paid features offered by the video-streaming platform.

Overall, worldwide consumer spending was up 20% year-over-year on both – iOS and Android in Q2. According to the report by App Annie, non-gaming apps such as entertainment, music, and video apps were the biggest contributors to the revenue on iOS while social media apps and those focusing on productivity and lifestyle were the main contributors for the growth on Android.

Lastly, when looking at monthly active users, the statistics saw social media apps once again dominating the charts.

Top 10 monthly active users for iOS and Android combined includes:

10. Baidu

9. Taobao

8. QQ

7. Alipay

6. TikTok

5. Instagram

4. WeChat

3. Facebook Messenger

2. Facebook

1. WhatsApp

Despite the controversies faced by Mark Zuckerberg and Co. during the previous year, it seems that the apps that come under his flagship are still reining the charts for both – monthly active users and the most downloaded. And shows no signs of slowing down either!

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