Twitter is Testing “Customize your view” UI for its users

Throughout our lives, with time we go through a lot of changes. We like some of these changes but most of the time we hate them because I guess it is in human’s instinct to resist a change. In the beginning, we resist changing but with time it changes everything. Actually, we get used to the old versions so much that in beginning the new versions feel difficult to use but later on we get used to new versions too.

For a successful business, customer feedback plays a major role. Users of any product can either take the company high up in the sky or crush them down. Twitter is among those social media platforms that always try to bring something new for its users to keep their interests active. From changing the navigation designs to customizable timelines, Twitter pretty much ends up trying a lot of new things for its users.

Usually, people are prone to change. They prefer the same old routine so that they don’t have to struggle to learn something new. Most of the Twitter brings a new update and that puts a whole new level of outrage on all the social media platforms. Where most of the hate the change some find it friendlier than ever. We’ve seen all type of hate and love of the Twitter new updates from people and after some time people always end up liking and getting used to the new versions.

A review of Twitter’s new feature

We often get bored with the same color layouts. People have different taste and Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that can satisfy everyone. Jane Manchun Wong spotted the new feature according to her screenshots, Twitter is testing a new feature where users can customize their interface according to their desires.

Although it is still, under testing phase, Wong tweeted that with this new feature you can change the color theme of your Twitter account on the web, plus, you can also change the font size. This feature also allows its users to change the shades of Dark mode. Now with this feature Tweeters can change their profile themes according to their preferences.

Majority of the users love this update, according to them, it means they can have their brand themes according to their desires. This feature enables the possibility of users to have more control over their profiles than anything else.

On the other hand, as noted by Matt Navarra, Twitter is also testing an auto-mute feature, that can mute accounts based on your block history.

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