Acquiring Smyte Might Be the Best Decision Twitter Has Ever Made

Twitter is known for its short conversation service where anyone can share their opinions without any barrier. The social media network believe highly on the freedom of expression and this is the reason they provide an open platform where politicians, celebrities, influencers and brands can easily interact with common people. Since the individual is expected to express himself within a limited number of words, every word has its significance and every message can be broadcasted with billions of users globally.

Twitter has struggled to make their social media networking site user-friendly where everyone can express themselves without getting harassed, bullied or scammed but they have failed miserably.

Most of the users make fake celebrity accounts and express their political views to influence the Tweeters which can be dangerous for the reputation of the celebrity as well as for the general readers. Moreover, there are various accounts that either spam people or tweet well-planned crypto-scam to lure people into doing different things. In case, if people follow these instruction, they end up clicking on links that can later become problematic for them. In most cases, scammers make fake celebrity accounts and then announce fake crypto give-away saying that they are celebrating something so they feel like giving away some cryptocurrency. This obviously is not true but this has become an elaborated scam that resulted in some serious consequences.

Recently Twitter ended up acquiring Symte that is a company that was founded by a few of the team members by some of the biggest tech joints like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The aim of the company is to make the internet space a better and safer place for all and they are contributing to this cause with the help of Symte. With the help of Symte web-spams and frauds can be detected on a larger scale. Since Twitter is struggling with the spam accounts and elaborated scams, acquiring Smyte has been a blessing for them. According to the co-founder of the Symte Pete Hunt, Twitter has reduced impressions on the crypto-scam significantly which is a serious milestone for Twitter.

Symte has evoked hopes for most of the social media networks that are struggling with the spamming and fraud. This means that with the help of Symte that might also be able to cater to this problem and make the social media a bit more safe place. However, this is just the start for this partnership between Twitter and Symte and predicting something might be untimely but it has a long way to go and stakes a high that this can be very benefiting.

Twitter Believes its Smyte Acquisition has Helped it Curb Crypto-Scam Tweets
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