Twitter’s List feature finally gets the attention it deserves

The list feature on Twitter never got the limelight it needed. However, this may change as the micro-blogging website is planning to enhance the feature to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

Twitter Lists allowed Tweeters to create customized timelines of the users whose tweets they wished to track without following the account. This kept the main timeline clutter-free and made the tweets from unfollowed accounts easily accessible.

Unfortunately, the useful feature never got the attention it deserved until now. According to a tweet shared by the company, Twitter will soon place the list feature where it is easy to get to.

The Lists feature is especially useful for occasional tracking. For example, you want to track your favorite sports team, you can add them to your list and check notifications when they are playing for updates. You can also make lists of Twitter accounts that tweet a particular niche, such as cute puppies/kittens photos.

The lists can also be made both – public and private. This is dependent on whether you wish to share your Twitter preferences with the public or not.

Currently, the micro-blogging site is conducting a test where swiping from the home tray will make the List viewable. As of now, the company has not revealed how many people are added to the test. And of course, when the feature would be publicly rolled out.

The feature is available on the mobile apps for those beta testers who are interested.

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