Instagram ready to support horizontal videos in IGTV

On Thursday, the Facebook-owned app announced that IGTV will now support landscape video.

Instagram will no longer be only supporting vertical videos.

Previously, Instagram only supported vertical videos, but now users can watch the videos horizontally in full-screen.

The Company says that this update is a result of creators feedback and also the users who are unable to watch landscape IGTV videos in fullscreen.

In June 2018, Instagram released IGTV as a standalone app geared closer to influencers and creators. It features long-form videos and is also available from the main Instagram app.

Instagram team believes it’s the right change for Instagrammers.

IGTV has struggled to compete with other video sharing platforms as reported by Hollywood Reporter this year that IGTV has failed to develop an interest in content creators.

According to some creators who have worked closely with Instagram to create their IGTV content, the app doesn't have a monetization method to make money from their work.

Unlike YouTube, Instagram doesn't have an ad placement service that pays creators, and big brands haven't started paying attention to long-form IGTV content.

Vertical video optimization was also a hurdle for content creators.

Those who produce videos for YouTube, for IGTV has to create the video in a different style to make the video display properly.

Also, the IGTV doesn't have the audience content creators wanted, but the views count increased when Instagram allowed creators to share their videos to their feeds.

Although Instagram is giving up an essential part of the IGTV brand through sacrificing the vertical video, it might encourage content creators to pass-publish their content across multiple platforms.

Instagram's IGTV Adds Support for Horizontal Videos

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