IGTV Just Become So Much Better with the New Features and Design

Instagram is one of the most developing and growing social media platform right now. If we talk about what’s hot, Instagram is the only network that will help you get your news without making it boring and lengthy. As the social media apps are growing, The TV has taken a back seat somewhere in the entertainment industry. Now more and more companies are trying to jump into the digital living world. The recent addition of IGTV is another way of keeping Instagram more relatable and help everyone to stay connected, informed and entrained at the same time. To launch this feature, Instagram took help from some of the biggest celebrities and media influencers but somehow, the feature still remains new and tedious for most of the audience.

To make the experience more seamless and eventful, Instagram has recently revamped the IGTV. The inspiration was taken from the single feed pattern that was being used in video streaming apps like Tiktok and Snapchat. The experience may seem effective theoretically but Instagram is a completely different experience as compared to other online video streaming apps. On TikTok and Snapchat, videos are short and mostly they are relatable which means you can simply skip them if you don’t find them interesting. Once you start watching a video or show your interest in watching a type of video, the algorithm assembles the videos the same way so you don’t have to skip. On the contrary, IGTV was designed to run longer videos so the user can spend more time on the app, to cater to the desired audience IGTV run of the trends. Just like Twitter, IG users can see what trending and then figure out if they find it interesting.

This is going to be a good experience or bad, only time will tell but to cater to this the Instagram team has already issued a statement saying that it is just an experiment and if this doesn’t work they have plenty of creative ideas to make IGTV the talk of the town. However, only time will tell if this one feed pattern will become a game changer for the IGTV or this will only add to its struggles.

Instagram’s IGTV once again copies TikTok’s AI and Snapchat’s design

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