iOS 13 allows users to grant apps access to phone’s location just once

Up until now, Apple gave three options to its user when they were asked to allow location access to the app – “always,” “never,” or “while using.” however, soon this will change and you will also be allowed to grant access just once.

The just once location access feature is although a small change but it will enhance the privacy of the users who are wary about the location details collected by third-party apps via their phone. It will also prevent the app from gaining real-time access to the user’s location at all times.

The update was announced by Apple software engineering Chief Craig Federighi at their annual developer’s conference on Monday.

Besides location access, Federighi says that the apps will have all the information recorded on their iPhone. Additionally, Federighi claimed that apps often use Wi-Fi information, IP addresses, and even Bluetooth beacon data to figure out the location of the users. This enables them to better target users with ads. However, the company is working on ways to limit this type of ‘abuses’ as well.

The improved location-access feature will be rolled out in iOS 13 that is expected to release later this year.

Photo: Apple

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