Instagram is Finally Introducing a "One Login for All Your Accounts" Feature!

Instagram has been in the news quite a lot recently, for testing out some much-needed and demanded features. Well, today isn’t any different either as the Facebook-owned media sharing service is planning to make things a little easier for its users.

Social media app researcher Matt Navarra recently posted a tweet in which he mentioned that Instagram is soon adding a “One Login for All Your Accounts” feature. Navarra supported his claim by sharing a screenshot as well.

As the name suggests, this feature will allow users with multiple Instagram accounts to connect them all and use one login for all those accounts with the same password. This will remove the hassle of switching between different accounts.

This in no way means that all accounts will be joined together. The accounts will still remain separate and only the login will be the same.

Many people have said rave things about this update until now, as switching between various accounts has not quite been their favorite method of using multiple accounts.

There’s a slight concern regarding this feature and that relates to the lack of clarity regarding the limit on number of accounts whose login can be linked together. Although the new feature is expected to be similar to the access granted by a standard Facebook page, it can go in a completely new direction as well, which has worried some users.

Nothing can be said for sure until the feature publicly rolls out. Until then, it’s better for everyone to keep their fingers crossed and hopes high. As of this moment, the release date of this feature hasn’t been announced.

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