Snapchat is Reportedly Working on Replicating a Unique Instagram Feature!

Facebook made “replicating other companies’ moves” cool. The Social Media Giant, inspired by Snapchat Stories, launched Instagram Stories. This kicked off a trend where different platforms can easily introduce features found in a rival platform… and Snapchat is the latest one to do so.

Renowned Social Media Code Hacker, Jane Manchun Wong recently spotted Snapchat working on a group chat feature which would allow users to include a “Group Chat Sticker” along with their Snaps and anyone that can view that Snap would be eligible to become a part of the group chat by tapping on the Sticker.

In case the feature sounds familiar, it’s because it was also reported to be in the works at Instagram, not too long ago.

The approach of incorporating cool features from different services makes sense in today’s world where the competition is so high that everyone wants to please their target users. So to prevent their users from jumping ship to another platform for certain features, these platforms attempt to incorporate such features and make them their own.

As much sense as this approach makes, it can’t be denied that it makes many of these platforms look familiar in terms of formats and layouts. The increasing similarity might also cause users to try out something that is entirely new such as TikTok (which is basically a reincarnation of Vine but new to younger audience) to experience fresh and unique functionalities.

It should also be added here that replicating features can have a not-so-pleasant effect on the services that come up with a new idea. The reason behind it is that other platforms quickly incorporate their ideas, making it difficult for the innovator to stand out among the rest.

Thus, at a time when your rival can easily steal (or at least share) your spotlight, it’s best to strategize a change in direction.

Of course, a change in direction comes along with a lot of risk but not being able to stand out among others for implementing a new idea calls for this change. Many designers, developers and engineers are surely thinking about it as we speak.

Until that change happens however, expect to see a lot of back and forth between different apps in their pursuit to retain their followers by incorporating others’ features.

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