Instagram is Reportedly Testing out a Chat Sticker Option for Story Users!

Even though it is considered as one of the most popular Social Media apps, Instagram has no plans on sitting back and relaxing. It has been on a roll for the past several months, introducing highly anticipated and catchy features and updates. The feature which is being worked on currently, if rolled out, can prove to be a big deal.

Renowned Social Media apps researcher, Jane Manchun Wong recently posted her findings. According to her tweet, Instagram is testing out a Join Chat Sticker option through which anyone can request to join a private chat group directly via Story, provided that they can view the Story.

Once a user spots the sticker, it will prompt them to describe the topic of the chat or what it will be about. There will also be a note below the Join Chat sticker, notifying the user that “people who view your story can request to join this group chat”.

Like its parent app Facebook, Instagram has also been working quite a lot on private groups/conversations and messaging, lately. So far, it has proven to be quite beneficial as a majority of the users are taking advantage of Instagram Direct. Moreover, Instagram Direct has caused a significant increase in user engagement. Almost 85% of the messages exchanged on Instagram are between the same three friends.

Moreover, this feature could help the brands and influencers connect easily and share crucial details and premium content. This would in turn help Instagram due to the expanding scope of influencer marketing on the platform.

It remains to be seen when Instagram plans on rolling out this feature. An option like this has the potential to improve quite a lot of things, as discussed above so it’s understandable if the company intends to invest some more time into it. However, we will keep you in the loop!

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