Facebook Stalkers May Face Danger with this New Feature on the Platform

One of the most common use of Facebook is to stalk people you do not even know. Well, it will not be risk-free anymore as Facebook’s latest feature may turn your nightmare into reality.

Tapping the picture twice will "like" the post on Facebook and can notify the person who posted it (just like Instagram), and it is much likely that you somehow end up tapping your neighbor’s daughter’s classmate’s profile photo twice.

This feature was earlier used to zoom-in pictures, but the social media expert, Matt Navarra spotted and drew the attention of people towards this new update.

He tweeted that now double-tapping will no longer zoom in photos instead it will generate a Like on iOS devices.

Many of the casual stalkers are already seeing danger ahead with the rolling of this feature and openly expressed their disappointment through tweets.

For now, this feature is only available on iOS but is expected to be soon available for Android also.

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