People Do Not Trust Internet Because of Facebook and Twitter, Revealed a Study

Many Internet users are not comfortable sharing their personal information on social media platforms, revealed a new study by CIGI and Ipsos, based on over 25,000 users from all over the world. 81 percent of the participants in the survey are not a fan of the internet, as they do not trust it and consider social media companies kind of cybercriminals.
"Majority users (57 percent to be precise) around the globe say that social media has increased their ease of communications and access to information, but are mixed on its impact on civility. On balance, it is seen as a positive, but not without its problems.", revealed study.
Companies collecting user data, vulnerability to hacking and other security flaws have increased the disliking for social platforms.

It is the 5th year that the United Nations is conducting this largest and inclusive study based on internet. Around 75 percent of people do not trust the internet because of the top social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

49 percent of them have been urged to provide less personal information on the internet, whereas 40 percent while surfing internet used security tools (for example VPNs) to keep themselves safe. Some of them, around 39 percent use the internet out of need only.

78 percent of the people using the internet are worried about their online privacy. The widespread of misinformation is one of the main reasons users leaving social media networks. Twitter lost 10% of its users last year because of the false news over the platform as 77 percent of the users at least for once have come across fake news.

All these stats shows that there's a lot of improvement social media companies need to adopt. It is yet to be seen whether these companies do anything to regain the trust of their users or not.

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