Snapchat Introduces Snap Games Series To Increase User Engagement

Snapchat is trying to increase its engagement on the platform which is stagnant to some extent. It has recently launched three Snap Games that can be played with your friends of other Snapchatters, which will then be followed by a series of games.

Tap the rocket icon located at the bottom right corner of the chat thread to go to the games library. Users can then select any game which are pre-installed and does not charge, however, ads may be displayed for in-game spurs.

One of the games is called Snake Squad in which snakes have to eat pellets and avoid enemy snake tracks. 5 players at a time can play this game.

Snapchat is finally rolling out three in-app Games in a bid to attract more Instagram users

The second game is Zombie Rescue Squad, a two-dimensional shooting game. Each team can have up to 4 players, moving on the landscape and kill zombies with an automated gun. However, they can choose to throw grenades at enemies or any charge-up attack.

Snapchat new in-app Games can help it attract more young users

The third game is Bitmoji Party, in which up to 8 players can play at a time, 7 competing against one in challenges. The game master has to stop other opponents from achieving their goals. Whereas the others have to survive and collect maximum coins to win the game.

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Each game allows users to chat via text or voice through a chat box at the bottom of the screen. “Friends” icon can be tapped to invite friends for the game. This toolbar also includes game settings.

There are three more games, Alphabear Hustle, C.A.T.S Drift Race and Tiny Royale that will also be launched soon.

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Screenshots courtesy of Androidpolice.
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