Men Are Experiencing What It's To Be Like A Woman On Social Media With Snapchat's New Gender Swap Filter

Snapchat’s gender swap filter has lately been all over the internet for how it can make anyone look like the opposite sex. The trolls continue to float in as women are going crazy over the square jaw and facial hair of men, that they can try on their face, whereas men are taking clever advantage of going with the finer features and long hair of women.

People are now taking this hilarious filter to Tinder, as according to many recent tweets, men have been seen taking pictures as women, just to see how their life could have been on the app if they belonged to the opposite sex.

However, what doesn’t surprise women now, was pretty much shocking to men as they figured out the amount of creepy messages that females receive on daily basis with such dating apps.

A reaction was given by a man who received several matches within just hours, when he made a profile on Tinder by using the filter.

This was followed up by another user who claimed that he had already got a date for the very next day. Sounds hilarious, right?
@Cans4hans' brother played the same game, who used the Snapchat filter to catfish guys on tinder and the results completely blew her away. “HOW do these men think that is a real woman’s face??”

The best offer among all the proposals were given to Jordan who posed with the female filter and someone instantly approached him and offered if he would be would be willing to travel around America with the Tinder user.

When Tyler did the same, he received plenty of messages that read ‘Hey there beautiful’ and now after experiencing how the inbox of a woman looks like, he is disappointed in men.

Mohi came up with a similar conclusion who got 168 likes in just 30 minutes and according to him, men really need to get a life.

For now, we have only witnessed men doing the trick. But what if women try the the same to experience dating from a male perspective? We just can’t wait for those reactions too.

Here are some other out of the context yet astonishing examples:

If you have also done the same, let us know your reaction in the comments section.

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