Instagram’s Stop Motion Update May Be a Game Changer

Anyone that is working in the field of social media marketing would know about the fact that if you want to truly end up succeeding within a certain format then you have to make sure that you are uploading enough video based content to get by. However, making video based content is not as easy as all that, and learning how to make video content can be an extremely time consuming process that may not be worth the effort that you are putting into learning this new set of skills.

Instagram might be launching a new tool that would be a game changer in the sense that it would make it a great deal easier to find video based content that you can actually use on a regular basis without having to make any actual videos. As noted by Jane Manchun Wong, this new tool would allow you to take a sequence of pictures that will be turned into a stop motion video by Instagram, and what’s more is that there will be a ghost image of the previous picture superimposed on your camera so that you can make sure that the placement of the object that you are recording is relatively stable.

This might just change the way marketing works, and is definitely going to be a highly useful tool for a wide variety of content creators as well. The fact that this tool is coming to Instagram’s Stories feature further shows the effort that the company is putting into one-upping Snapchat and nabbing some of the demographic that Snapchat has managed to so successfully find a way to make the most of so far.

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Featured Photo: Natanaelginting
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