Instagram has not yet taken down an altered video of Mark Zuckerberg as ‘damage is done’

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said in an interview to CBSnews that the company has not taken down the fake video of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg because the damage is now irreversible, plus, the social network currently does not have a clear guideline against deepfake videos.

A deep fake video of Mark Zuckerberg went online a few weeks ago. In the video, a computer manipulated Zuckerberg is shown saying he is in control of ‘billions of people’s stolen data.’ The video is also made to look like news broadcast and bears a visible CBS News logo.
Adam Mosseri says Instagram currently does not have a policy against deepfake videos
CBS News requested Facebook take down the video as it is illegitimately displaying the CBS logo.

However, the social media giant company refused to remove the video claiming it is already too late and has been viewed multiple times. In fact, the fake video posted on Instagram on June 7 was viewed 2,000 times within four days of its release.

As of today, it has over 106,000 views and has been reported on countless news outlets.

Fake videos particularly those featuring high-profile individuals saying or doing controversial things can enhance the spread of misinformation on social media. However, Mosseri claims that taking down the content doesn’t address the problem from its core. Additionally, in most cases, the videos have spread so far that the damage is beyond their control.

This being said, Facebook is currently working on ‘principled ways’ to find a solution to the problem. Mosseri also confirms that the company is focusing on ways to get to the content quicker rather than removing the already viral content.

Both – Gayle King of CBS News and Adam Mosseri agreed that it is challenging to identify a manipulated video due to the high-end technology and skills the creators use. After all, we are all humans’ right!

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Featured photo: Justin Sullivan / Gettyimages
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