Instagram is reportedly testing several new features, including a new layout for Story Camera

According to reports by our favorite tech blogger and tipster Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is testing several new features.

Here is a rundown of the ones discovered by Jane.

Stop Motion Mode in Stories

Jane’s tweet reveals that Instagram will soon allow stop motion mode in Story Camera on Instagram. This feature was available almost two years back but the company removed it for an unknown reason. However, it seems that the feature will be reintroduced soon for enhanced functionality.


The ‘under-test’ features also reveal the ability to crop IGTV previews. Apparently, the users were not comfortable with the full-screen preview of IGTV. That is why the Facebook-owned platform will soon allow the users to edit preview crop in their respective feeds.

Share stories to Facebook – revamped

Another notable feature of Instagram is the user’s ability to share their IGTV stories directly to Facebook. To make it more user-friendly for the users, the company is testing a new layout and IU to make it easier for the users to share these stories.

A new layout for Story Camera

Instagram is also reported to bring out a new layout feature for the Story Camera. As we are aware, the Story feature is one of the most popular additions on Instagram. With the new layout of the Camera, the users will find the feature more appeal-worthy and of course – usable.

All the above-mentioned features are currently in the test phase. Additionally, Instagram has not yet confirmed the availability of these features but we can expect them to roll out soon if the results of the tests are positive.

Stay tuned with us for the updates on these features!

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Featured photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images
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