Instagram is Reportedly Testing a "Muted Accounts" Page and "Donation" Feature!

Instagram deserves props for paying attention to its users’ demands. Over the past several months, the Facebook-owned media sharing service has rolled out a number of features and updates requested by the consumers. Well, the same happened not too long ago.

Jane Manchun Wong, known for uncovering unreleased Social Media features, posted a couple of tweets recently, highlighting the latest features Instagram is working on.

According to her first tweet, a “Muted Accounts” page is being worked on by Instagram for Android. In case the term sounds familiar, it is because iOS version of Instagram already has this feature available.

A user can “Mute” any Account whose posts they do not wish to see on their feed without unfollowing them. Thus, it basically serves the same purpose as an “Unfollow” or “Block” does but without cutting off the “muted” user completely. Moreover, user can still check out the posts from the muted accounts by visiting their profiles.

A number of Android users claim that they already have the feature available. Still, there is no word regarding a general release. Such a feature can be helpful in tackling the issues of online bullying and harassment.

The second feature in question is for the Creator and Business accounts. According to the screenshot shared by Wong, Instagram is testing a “Donate” Call-To-Action button that will appear on the Business/Creator’s profile.

This feature can make the process of donation to charities or other services easier for influencers and businesses. There is a concern regarding scam and fake charity organizations taking advantage of this option. However, Wong believes that only verified and/or approved non-profit charities would be eligible for receiving donations.

It remains to be seen when Instagram plans on rolling out either or both of these features. As discussed above, their addition can prove to be quite convenient for users and beneficial for Instagram. Stay tuned for any updates regarding this story.

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