This is How the New “Clear History” Tool By Facebook Will Affect Advertisers

Facebook is about to introduce its new “Clear History” tool which will let users detach their off-network activities from their profiles. The company has warned advertisers that by using this tool, their targeted ads might be affected, however, measurement and analytic tools will remain unaffected.

Facebook in its Business Blog said that they can manage advertisers and users’ privacy at the same time.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg first made an announcement about the Clear History tool at F8 Conference, 2018. He talked about a tool that his team was working on, that will allow users to erase browsing history of Facebook and also see the list of apps that they have networked with.

The company said that it will not delete history completely instead browsing activity and other actions will be presented anonymously, and will not be directly linked to your profile. An aggregated analytics will be generated for apps and websites but will not reveal the identity of users.

After making an announcement a year ago, Facebook is planning to roll out the tool, aiming at more transparency for users, in the next few months.

By enabling this tool, users will be allowed to disconnect their profiles from their Off-Facebook activities. By doing so, Facebook will not be able to use its business tools like Facebook pixel to target ads, neither be able to use Custom Audiences feature, based on the users visiting website or app.

Advertisers have been asked by the company to consider this tool features when strategizing their plan for the coming months.

Facebook clarifies that the measurement and analytics reports will remain unchanged, as data will not be removed permanently instead will only be made anonymous. It is only allowing users to have better control over their off-Facebook activities. Businesses’ Facebook investments will not go vague as accurate data will still be provided by the company.

Facebook has been known for its ad targeting system, along with a backlash on how it uses users’ data. The company said that with this new tool, users will know how their data is used and the way business tools on Facebook are used by advertisers.

Facebook is bringing new updates to change its image and its new privacy policies. The new tool will limit the ad targeting option for advertisers and it's about time digital marketers re-evaluate the way they are going to connect with users on and off the platform.

Facebook Alerts Marketers 'Clear History' Tool May Hurt Targeting

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