Google Introduces Mini Apps for Google Assistance and Search

Since Google has become very passionate in updating its services, they have recently introduced a few new features to enhance the performance of their search engine. During a recent keynote that took place for the 2019 developer conference, the company at "Mountain View" unveiled the updates to improve the Google search for mobile devices. According to the newly introduced features, Google is now opting for Mini-apps. These mini-apps have been described as the "new capability" for the Google assistance and Google search. These apps are meant to deliver live content as well as interactive flow across the surface.

According to the Google, the "Early Adopters Program" has been already launched and developers may get their invitations next month. Google has announced that they will open for new submission for a very short time and this will help in providing access to the suitability of these mini-apps for the users as well as for the developers.

Google search product manager Allen Harvey explained that they have introduced these mini-apps to help the users find information more quickly. These apps have been specially designed to fit the needs of the users and they are more engaging. They provide a better user experience and this is exactly what Google is aiming for.

Google is introducing Mini-apps for more interactive, app-like experiences that engage users right in the Search results page and the Google Assistant

When the user will search for some information, these mini-apps will be seen on the relevant result pages along with the app provider details. App developers will be able to respond to these queries easily, also, they will be able to take input for these queries. With the help of these apps, the live content will be updated as soon as it will be made available and this will adapt to the smart display as well. Google’s home hub will automatically optimize the content for both touch screen as well as for the optimized screen.

This new interactive experience will help the companies to track the potential demand for their business. A simple example is that for a shipping company, these mini-app will help in tracking down the packing number and this would appear in the results as well, in case there is an exception in the shipping journey the user will be able to know more about it just with one click or top. However, the mini-apps will not be able to request any personally identifiable information from the users and they need to align with the basic purpose of the company instead. To make the process safer, the content cannot be graphically violent or hateful and must not misrepresent the company or business.

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