Facebook Yet to Release Long Promised Security Features

It’s safe to say that this year has been pretty bad for Facebook so far. The Cambridge Analytica scandal had the whole world reevaluating the social media platform and figuring out how Facebook could potentially not be as trustworthy as they once thought it was. What makes it worse is that the Cambridge Analytica fiasco has been followed by security breach after security breach, all leading up to the latest breach that ended up having millions of users’ photos leaked because of a fault in Facebook’s code.

Facebook’s security, or lack thereof, is what is causing these breaches to occur in the first place. What makes it even more concerning is that a long promised Facebook security feature still has not arrived yet. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook announced that it would introduce a new “Clear History” feature. This feature was ostensibly meant to give users the option to clear their activity and search history, thus making it so that Facebook would not be able to sell this data to advertisers. What’s more is that Facebook promised users the option to turn off this data collection entirely, after which they would only receive random ads with broader targets.
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The year is ending in less than two weeks and it’s starting to seem like Facebook’s announcement was nothing more than a marketing gimmick to cover up the fact that it had allowed so many egregious data breaches to occur. Facebook said several months ago that this feature would take a few months to build but that was clearly an underestimation because a recent report released by Recode stated that the feature is still months away. Only time will tell whether or not this feature will actually end up getting released. Until it does, Facebook’s reliability will continue to drop.

Facebook Promised Privacy Features That Still Haven’t Materialized
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