Digital Marketers Find Social Media As Their Main Revenue Stream

A recent survey by Sprout Social reveals that many C-level marketers are still struggling to make an impact on social media. The same study also demonstrates that there is still room for marketers to improve their social media strategies – despite the success they receive.

According to the survey, Facebook continues to lead the social media industry with over 2.3 billion users globally. However, the platform is less popular with the younger generation who has a strong liking for Instagram.

Live videos remain to be the top marketing strategy with 42% of marketers already implementing the feature through Facebook Live while 31% are aiming to develop similar plans for both – Facebook and Instagram. Around 24% of the marketers claim to create a strategy for YouTube Live.

Almost half of the marketers surveyed also confirmed that Instagram Stories would become more important this year. This confirms the report by Facebook where the leading social giant claimed to have their Stories Ads feature grow by 50% to 3 million advertisers in Q1 2019 on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

During the last year survey, social media users claimed to engage more with posts that offered discounts and sales. However, the trend shifted this year when more than 67% of consumers said that they engage with social posts that are entertaining while 37% still prefer discounts and sales posts.

The process of social listening where the brands and industries take insights from the digital conversations to understand their target audience will gain momentum this year. In fact, almost 63% of marketers said that they would give priority to social listening this year.

Some key highlights from the survey include:

90% of social marketers find their social media efforts to have a significant effect on revenue

89% of marketers use Facebook for marketing while 65% goes to Instagram, Twitter (50%), YouTube (49%), Messenger (44%), LinkedIn (38%), Snapchat (28%) and Pinterest (28%).

Eighty-three percent of consumers are on Facebook and 66% agree to like or follow brands through their social media handle.

Live videos, user-generated content, and Instagram Stories are leading the social media trends this year.

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