Facebook will now Permanently Shut Down Groups with Terrorism-Supporting Content!

Over the past several months, Facebook has found itself surrounded by one controversy after the other. From privacy scandals and data breaches to the rise in abusive and hate-filled content, many users have lost trust in the Social Media Giant. However, it looks like the company is now taking strict actions to regain its credibility.

Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra recently posted a tweet in which he mentioned that Facebook is now permanently deleting groups for terrorist or organized criminal activity. Navarra also shared a screenshot highlighting the notification that the admins of such groups will receive.

From the screenshot and its message, it looks clear that Facebook will no longer be playing any games in regards to the safety of users on the platform. Any show of support or any minute signs of actions related to terrorism will result in the whole group being shut down for good. No suspensions or warnings, a ban straight away!
"We want to ensure that Facebook remains a safe, welcoming environment and don't allow any organisations engaged in terrorism and organised criminal activity to have a presence on Facebook. In addition, we don't allow groups containing content that expresses support for these organisations, their leaders and their violent activities.", elaborated a Facebook notification.
However, it looks like under the ever increasing pressure from users and governments alike, Facebook missed to hit the mark by a few notches as a number of group admins (some of them with pages boasting over millions of followers) have complained about a bug, due to which their groups and admin id’s have been taken down despite of their groups being completely free from terrorism or related content.

Thus, until Facebook fixes this bug and finds a way to get the guidelines-complying groups up and running again, it can prove to be as big of a liability as it is a help.

All of this is a clear indication towards the fact that Social Media is being targeted for unethical, illegal and immoral reasons and no platform is safe from this disease. However, how promptly and effectively the affected platforms take action against the violators should be observed.

Facebook is deleting lots of Groups for terrorist or organised criminal activity
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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  1. I was sightly confused when I saw a bunch of groups I was in getting converted to secret.

  2. They are deleting groups at random and it's hurting people. It needs to stop immediately.

  3. Really you guys shut down a Corgi Facebook page with over 300,000 members...really WT? Did your system misread a "service dog" vest and label it a suicide vest....really Corgi owners a violent terrorist group PUH-lease.

  4. Facebook shuts down an Israeli firm’s effort to influence politics in West Africa
    Linked to a shadowy company called Archimedes Group

  5. What a joke. If facebook was really concerned about stopping terrorists then Trump's account would be the first to go.

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