Even after a massive FaceTime Bug failure, Apple claims itself to be the safeguard of User Privacy

Data breaches and online privacy scandals are at an all-time high. What’s more disturbing is that major social media platforms are accused of being the key players in these scandals.

However, if Apple’s latest iPhone ad is any sort of indication, the tech giant has assured people that “Privacy Matters” and because of that, it’s crucial that the device containing your data respects that too.

You can view the ad on YouTube. On TV, it is being aired currently in US but is expected to roll out to international markets soon.

Apple has used an effective technique of conveying their message. In the ad, we see a number of real-life scenarios where people take steps to protect their privacy. For example, the two men pausing their discussion as soon as the waitress arrives. Or, the woman closing her car window after spotting a man watching her apply makeup from the car behind hers. There are other examples too and you should definitely check out the ad.

After presenting these scenarios, the ad states that if privacy matters in real life, it should definitely matter when it comes to the phone on which our data is stored. The ad then proceeds to claim that “Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

It can’t be denied that Apple’s ad campaigns are quite catchy. The billboard which was set up outside the CES 2019 tech conference in Las Vegas, also aimed to convey the same message (“What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone), paying homage to the famous Vegas slogan.

It’s good to know that Apple is focusing on the issue of privacy. However, what’s holding it back is the massive Group FaceTime Bug, which let FaceTime users to spy on other iPhone owners.

However, Apple remains adamant on ensuring everyone how much privacy means to them and how do their products best ensure the protection of user privacy. The iMessage encryption, limited site tracking with Safari and not storing the Map routes history were some of the points brought up by Apple to support their claims.

Thus, the ad’s motive is to let people know that Apple doesn’t follow the approach of other companies like Facebook and Google, which collect and sell user data to further their businesses. Even, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has brought up the importance of Privacy time and again through his speeches.

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