Apple Apologizes For Facetime Group Calling Bug With An Official Statement

There is no doubt in the fact that Apple’s customer service is as efficient as you would like it to be. So, following the eavesdropping bug in Group Facetime earlier this week, Apple disabled the feature for a short while. Now, that all is fixed and ready, Apple will release the updated app for Mac and iOS devices in the upcoming week.

Prior to this, the Facetime bug was making callers hear the recipient's voice even before they could answer the call. Some users also reported that when they declined the call with power button, their videos were still being streamed on the caller’s phones.

Right after the problem was discussed on social media, Apple disabled Facetime Group calling. They now have issued an official statement regarding the bug in which the company has apologized for the inconvenience to its users and has also announced about the update in the next week.

Apple further thanked the Thompson family for reporting about the bug on time and said that they will work on improving the bug reporting process as well.

The statement was released to reassure the customers that Apple takes the security of their user's data very seriously and they are always committed to earn the customer's trust in their products. Moreover, as soon as the development team got to know about the bug, they started working on it to fix the issue.

The Group Facetime bug has already been fixed on the servers and users will now just have to wait for the update.

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