Apple Mocks Android and Alexa Privacy Issues at Consumer Electronics Show

Google and Amazon are among many companies that have been plagued with privacy issues. Google has been affected because of the vulnerability of its Android platform and Amazon has been affected because of the fact that Alexa was not as secure as it should have been. Apple has been doing fairly well in this regard though, and it has managed to weather the previous year without as many scandals as the various other tech companies that took a beating in 2018. Apple also managed to continue to be one of the most transparent companies in terms of data use, and so the tech giant decided to use this to promote itself at this year’s CES.

Basically what Apple did was that it rented a huge billboard that featured a picture of an iPhone with “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone” superimposed. This is a play on the old “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” cliché which is quite apropos given the location of the conference as well as the fact that Apple does have something to proud of in terms of the privacy it provides its various users. The ad also features a link to underneath the image and text.

Apple has never had much clout at CES, so this was a pretty smart move against two of its biggest competitors. This might even spark an ad war with Google and Amazon which would definitely be good fun for everyone involved. One would also hope that the two competitors take a leaf out of Apple’s book in terms of the privacy that the company provides and try to inculcate some of those values on their own as well so that their users don’t have to worry about their data getting stolen.

Apple trolled Google with a massive billboard at the world's biggest tech show, which it's not even attending
Photo: Getty Images
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