Anti-Biden Content Is On The Rise And It’s Coming From Gen Z Creators Who Once Showed Support

The elections of 2020 had a lot of Gen Z individuals ramping up support for the newly elected Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Today, however, the picture is remarkably different. And it wouldn’t be wrong to mention those who once showed support in the past are totally against him today.

The rise in anti-Biden content is peaking as we speak. It looks like top content creators are just not happy with the American president. There was a time when these same individuals united to produce videos and host events online to ensure the masses would be educated on how to vote for the Democratic party.

Four years later, the picture is so different that one starts to question what went wrong. Why is there so much hate on social media for Joe Biden when people felt he was the change that America and the world needed?

A leading social media coalition leader tried to explain in simple terms how Biden seems to have lost touch with the younger generation on a host of leading issues. This has led to serious frustrations and now, people feel there is no turning back with the majority ending support for a man they thought could be America’s savior.

You’ll find a new buildup of hate across all social media platforms including Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube, not to mention Instagram too. This is where young content creators are shedding light on how it’s about time their feelings and sentiments were put forward to the masses as they feel the President betrayed them.

Common issues include the current Gaza genocide, a ban on the popular TikTok app, and even the existing climate crisis. There is a rift that has been enhanced thanks to the current strategy put out by the White House in terms of supporting those that speak in its favor while shunning the rest that don’t.

At the start of 2021, President Biden took oath and that’s when the White House felt it was time to strengthen relationships with content creators belonging to Gen Z. After all, this was the time of the pandemic, and who better to raise awareness than them about the vaccine and how important it can be.

Then when the Russian conflict in Ukraine came into play, Biden referred to Gen Z creators as the new media and praised them while vowing to keep them informed at all times.

But we must take a moment to understand how things have shifted in a way that has many Gen Z supporters upset. Only those few creators keep getting invites that have stood by the White House while the others are left out on purpose.

All that comes out are creators mirroring what the president has to say and sharing images of themselves on stage with a smile. So where do all of those who have been critical of Biden go? Do they not get a right to have their say?

One leading creator by the name of Kahlil Greene mentioned how he was not invited to any event held by the White House because of his voicing his critical opinions against the administration. This included sensitive topics like the Gaza war and the TikTok ban. Another political influencer feels the same way, adding how it’s not fair to be called the new media and then be shunned for putting out facts that Biden and his team might not agree with.

The consensus from Gen Z creators is that everyone must get invites to the press briefing room, whether you like them or not. Yes, Fox News might not be Pro-Democratic but it’s always there. That’s what helps in balancing it all out.

Those who criticize the government are sidelined, raising concerns about selective exclusion. It’s almost as if people are handpicked and chosen to see if they are promoting Pro-Biden or Anti-Biden.

Now the general sentiments on this front are more linked to an outburst of anger and so much has been built up. Silencing Gen Z on matters like Palestine is being taken as assault on people’s right to express freedom of speech. Remember, Biden’s support for the Israeli nation and zero consideration for Palestinians is a huge issue that might block more votes from coming in his direction in the upcoming elections.

Many who used to make money from TikTok are now being booted off the app because Biden has voted in favor of the ban that will soon come into play. So the next time you ask why people are not happy with Biden, we advise you to see the bigger picture.

To give you a better image of the entire situation, a new poll rolled out by Morning Consult proved how two-thirds of voters belonging to Gen Z don’t feel like voting for him after his decision to support the TikTok ban legislation. Meanwhile, 46% are turned off by his support for Israel and then 38% are angered by his approval of new projects that are costing the government a huge budget like those linked to oil and gas drilling.

It does not stop there. While the support diminishes at one end, reports are suggesting how the current Biden campaign is recruiting a host of online supporters by contacting a top influencer marketing company called Village Marketing. They hope to hire contract-based creators as confirmed by emails from The Post to show pro-Biden support.
These individuals would be assessed to see how many followers they have, how their metrics are doing on leading social media apps, and how great their audience reach is at the end of it all.

The head of Village Marketing believes regular creators are hesitant to speak about politics as they fear it could impact their reach as the algorithm just doesn’t wish to promote this type of content as recommendations due to poor demand. But with contracts in play, people would be hired to do the job.

But those who show support expect a lot in return and that could bring another factor into consideration. As a whole, Gen Z promises not to make the same mistake again. They failed to hand over the vote to Biden as they did in the past when they didn’t wish Trump to win.

People feel betrayed and cannot help but voice their thoughts on how the Biden Administration may have lost the plot a long time back and a lot must be done to regain people’s trust.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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