Which Brands Do Gen Z Consumers Trust The Most? This Study Says It All

A new report is diving down into the trends linked to Gen Z adults. This includes their buying habits and which brands reign supreme when it comes down to the list.

The study from intelligence firm Morning Consult says that the brands that have been around for years certainly peaked on the list. And top favorites include TikTok, Snap, and even Spotify. Meanwhile, other big names worth mentioning include Twitch, Xbox, PlayStation, Instagram, and Discord.

Speaking more on this endeavor, the head of Morning Consult says there are no surprises here. In terms of where these brands can be found, it’s either the world of gaming or social media.

Trust gap widens: Gen Z shows higher skepticism towards brands compared to older generations, per new study.

Younger buyers have managed to earn the trust of so many people and this is not an easy feature. We know more about how research can track down consumers’ buying trends every single day. With that being said, experts know that earning trust is never easy, especially when you’re dealing with the younger generation.

Every single day, youngsters are forced to choose between thousands of names out there. Did we mention how the study proves that the average score point for Gen Z is nearly 10 points lower than that seen with other generations? This just goes to show how less people are willing to trust individuals in this domain. So out of all the age groups present today, it’s Gen Z who don’t trust companies as easily as many others.

So what could be the reason? Well, the authors of this research feel the reason has to do with the generation being against establishments in general. That attitude gives rise to a high stats figure. On the other hand, some feel that it comes with age and maturity. So when you’re younger, that’s just how reluctant you feel and when you’re older, you do get better.

Lastly, it’s not easy to trust everyone out there in today’s day and age. Trust is not easy to build with just about everyone and the entire process takes a while. So many legacy brands out there are present where younger people are less exposed to them. Naturally, the trust factor is less.

With that being said, one factor we must keep in mind is that past generations never had the exposure to social media that current generations have. We see all sorts of news reports flooding in with opinions galore on this end of the spectrum. It could be positive or negative and some might be real while others are fake. The whole thing really impacts the user’s outlook in the end in terms of how a buyer sees a brand depending on what’s being portrayed about them.

As the authors mentioned, no one is as entwined with social media as these individuals. The research also pointed out some common ground on this front. We had a host of names that both American adults and those from Gen Z had in common, who could be trusted. Those leading on that list include Google, Tylenol, Colgate, UPS, Band-Aid, and CVS.

BrandGen Z Net TrustAll Adults Net TrustDifference
Fenty Beauty18.812.76
Epic Games18.814.24.7
Anastasia Beverly Hills127.74.2

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