LinkedIn Steps Up AI Offerings With New Tools Designed To Help Users Write Cover Letters And Update Resumes

Popular social networking platform LinkedIn is rolling out a host of AI features so users in search of jobs and better positions can benefit.

The company mentioned how AI embedded in writing tools can help people curate the best cover letter and also assist them with updating resumes so that they get the ideal position that they’ve been in search of.

We all know how both these documents play a crucial role in nailing that job position so the company says it wishes to help in the writing aspect of them so the masses may benefit.

As far as resumes are concerned, the AI-based feature would offer a comparison of certain job descriptions to the resume and then put out feedback regarding the user’s qualifications while giving out suggestions that they wish to highlight. In the same way, it would also give rise to more parts of the resume that could be rewritten to better suit the candidate’s position.

LinkedIn confirmed how its cover letters would work in the same manner. The AI tool would scan through the resume and what position is being offered, giving rise to a customized variant of the cover letter. This would be reviewed and edited if the tech isn’t capturing the true essence of what the user is in search of.

The company’s project manager explained through a recent blog post how the goal right now was to make it simpler for users who are having a hard time explaining their story and therefore end up staring at blank screens for hours in the hopes of coming up with something magical.

During the testing phase, the company found that the AI tool did great and did a more than decent job at its first attempt at getting the cover letter right.

The app is also giving rise to more job searches that are conversational with the help of AI. In this way, users can ask queries to the AI system for certain job types and even speak about the salary and location in question.

The AI would look through the postings to figure that out. For instance, the app could ask the bot to search for the best remote job for the field of marketing in a certain area that pays a certain amount that the candidate deems suitable.

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