2024 Sees US Content Creator Income Surge, Driven by Sponsored Content

With social modernization and globalization accelerating, content consumption has become the heartbeat of global entertainment and leisure. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say at all that a wide majority of the global population headlessly consumes social media content for instant gratification from a wide range of content creators and influencers.

But have you ever wondered how these content creators earn? Who would have enough time to make social media content all day long and have a job at the same time? There must be a source of income for these content creators that makes them create such material.

Well, then buckle yourself up because the folks over at eMarketer have created a nifty chart that sheds light on the source of creators' income and how they are changing with a comparison between the years 2021 and 2024. One thing to consider is that the following stats don’t include the video platforms and their user-generated content, such as Twitch and YouTube, but streams on social media, including Substack, LTK, and Spotify. Also, these statistics are applicable to US content creators only.

In 2021, content creators made $5.12 billion, while in 2024, it is forecasted to be $8.14 billion, an increase of $3.02 billion. Platform payout for 2021 was $2.34 billion, and for 2024 it increased by $0.89 billion, making it a total of $3.23 billion.

Affiliate marketing was $0.57 billion in 2021. In 2024, it got up to $1.10 billion. In fact, even the merchandise saw an increase from $0.13 billion in 2021 to $0.45 billion in 2024.

Moreover, sponsored content will account for $8.14 billion in US creator revenues in 2024, up from $5.12 billion in 2021. To sum it up for you, the total money earned by content creators in 2024 is forecasted to be a staggering $13.7 billion, with an increase of 16.5% since 2023.

Platform Payouts and Affiliate Marketing Boost US Creator Revenues

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